Ceci n'est pas une blogger

Ceci n'est pas une blogger

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Things I couldn't live withoutt (:

Sooo this awesome summer has made me realize that I don't need lots of the things that I had thought I couldn't live without, for example my straighter, a material girl ? I'd rather say an always-wanna-be-good looking-one (:

But other way, I couldn't live without people, because I think no matter where you are, you need people around you, at least one person, someone you can talk with, someone that's able to listen, who you can spend time with. And I must say while I was in England, even though I had amazing people with me, I missed aaaaall the Spanish people that make me smile day by day. I don't wanna get emotional or whatever, but I have to thank all of them (: Next question is: Could I live without make up ? Weeell, lots of people may think I couldn't.. I think it'd be hard, but I'm sure I could do it , soo no make up on the things-I-couldn't-live-without-list (:
What about music ? No doubt with this matter, I def' couldn't live without music. Music is everywhere. It's there when you're happy, when you're sad, when you're bored, when you're broken-hearted, when you're alone. when you're with friends, it's always there. I remember all those July mornings, my mobile alarm rang every morning at 7:00 with McFly singing, that was what made me wake up every morning (:
And I have to confess I couldn't live without shopping, I know we all have a weakness, well shopping is mine (; I don't care walking a lot if I get all the stuff I want.
There's another things called love. This is a couldn't live without deff' (: You know what they say, LOVE'S IN THE AIRR !(: It doesn't matter if you love your family, your mush, your dog or a book. The subject is we all love someone, something or both, and we all love being lovedd <3
Sooooo, I could live without my straighter, my make up, Internet, my iPodd and even without TV (:
But there are just five things I think I couldn't live without:

♥ People

♥ Music

♥ Shopping

♥ Love

♥ And the last one, laugh. I love people's laughter, I love laughing, I love funny people ! I know there are times when you feel as you'd like to die, when all just gets darker and darker, but maynee, just a smile can become the day better ! So let's share our smile with those in need, or just with ourselves !

                                   SMILE, SMILE, SMILE :D

And of course, I couldn't live without Y O U, dear blogger ! I hope you keep in touchh !

You know you love me,



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