Yeah, actually, fair point there Dougie, that is HORRENDOUS timing. But what's a gal to do? Do you stay with them until after Christmas and buy them a rubbish present that you spent too much money on, give it to them begrudgingly and then break up in January when everyone's already feeling blue? Or say ta-ta before Christmas and hope mince pies, cheese and Santa Claus The Movie will cheer them up? A tough one to call.
Dougie goes on to say that he wasn't really to keen on having a 'celeb relationship', going out to the 'club' and getting on the 'scene' and such.
'Francesca was no one before we met. She'd only just come on the scene so I didn't go into a celeb relationship as such. I find it weird that people are interested in us - if I wanted to be famous I wouldn't have taken up playing the bass guitar!'

'I'd never date another famous person, it's not really me - I'm just a Star Wars obsessed geek. I didn't fit in with The Saturdays and JLS crowd and party scene anyway.'
But is this really it? Is this really the end for Frougie? Dounkie?
'It won't be third time lucky for us, that's it now.' Oh right. Is it some kind of Saturdays-break-up-curse then? It's a bit weird....
'I find it weird that Marvin and Rochelle broke up at the same time too,' says Dougie. Hear hear.
'I've got all my boys around me and we're about to go on tour again, so I'm keeping myself busy. Anyway, I'm in a bromance with Harry!'

Okayyy, seems like my fave boy is SINGLE and ready to MINGLEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! And by the way, I'm such a normal girl, Doug, just FYI <3
You know you love me,